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Carney competes for fintech spotlight

There is "a growing pipeline of firms" - make that fintechs - clamouring for access on level terms with banks to the central bank's most vital, and real-time, payments processing. At least in England, or so BOE governor Mark Carney told a London fintech fiesta last night. read more

Levy and team Turnbull stretches industry all round

Australia's four largest banks are the political and fiscal bullseye for a savvy tax of IMF design. Labelled a levy, the tax is projected to cost the industry A$6.2 billion over four years. This is a shade less than five per cent of the combined cash profits of ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac over the year to March 2017.To patrol the inevitable and redundant flap over who bears the cost the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will undertake a residential mortgage pricing inquiry slated, for now, to last until June 2018. read more

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