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Carney competes for fintech spotlight

There is "a growing pipeline of firms" - make that fintechs - clamouring for access on level terms with banks to the central bank's most vital, and real-time, payments processing. At least in England, or so BOE governor Mark Carney told a London fintech fiesta last night. read more

IT’s a batch payments crisis at Bendigo Bank

A rare two-day payments outage leaves Bendigo pacifying an irate depositor base today. The major grievance for thousands of customers was that Centrelink payments, salaries and other direct entry requests made on Tuesday were not processed by Bendigo’s faltering systems.Dismayed mortgage managers were caught up too, unable to lodge home loan applications on behalf of clients through Adelaide Bank’s third party loan platform. read more

Carnell rebukes Bligh over Banking Code

The ABA has “not yet reached a view” on changing the definition of small business.The Hayne royal commission recommended that the definition of small business in the industry code of practice be amended to cover any business employing fewer than 100 full-time equivalent employees, where the loan applied for is less than A$5 million. read more

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