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Comment: Banks authorised with onerous care

Any applause for a renovated law on use of the label "bank" in Australia may be misplaced. While Treasury officials expect that the draft reforms unveiled by Treasurer Scott Morrison yesterday will "result in a reduction of barriers to new entrants to the banking sector", the reality is more likely that they won't. Not one jot. read more

Bank execs' pay to be APRA's new project

Confirmation from the Big Four banks that no individuals had their employment terminated as a result of the bad behaviour highlighted in the Coleman Report is one of the main factors behind the proposed Banking Executive Accountability Regime. A consultation paper on 'the BEAR' has now been released. read more

Australian Optal 'fastest-growing fintech in Europe'

Optal Limited, one of Australia's most profitable and fastest-growing digital fintechs, has kept a low profile since it was formed in 2002 as PSP International. The company's anonymity in Europe was blown out of the water in April when the Financial Times named it the fastest-growing fintech in Europe. read more

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