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Mutuals rattled amid S&P ratings clutter

Around a dozen mutual banks or credit unions, including one ASX listed bank, find their debt securities ineligible for use in repurchase operations with the Reserve Bank of Australia as of yesterday, thanks to an S&P Global Ratings downgrade that yanked the credit ratings of this group one notch lower.Quick punditry by sell-side analysts on the debt side settled on the smaller, and mostly mutual ADIs as the sub-set of Australian banks whose cost of funds in institutional markets may be most affected by the ratings jolt. read more

Briefs: AFG punts for status quo, IMB Tier 2 bonds

AFG has asked regulators to keep a watchful eye on the big banks to ensure they do not use the government's recently announced major bank levy and the findings from their own ABA remuneration review as justification for changes that reduce the financial viability of providing broking services. read more

Briefs: Nudie's finance arm in NY bankruptcy court, NAB sells Singapore-Hong Kong wealth business, VW prices car loan securitisation, ASIC bans used car loan broker

An Australian private borrowing and lending entity that operated within a complex group of companies targeted by the ATO for repayment of millions of dollars in back taxes, has asked a New York bankruptcy court for Chapter 15 protection. read more

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