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ADVERT: NAB’s Vision For Real Time Payments and a Seamless Payments Experience

In light of increased consumer demand for flexibility, convenience and digital capability, the quicker and more effectively organisations are able to create a seamless, customer-centric payments experience, the more they stand to gain in winning market share and ROI.Like many other financial institutions, retailers and payments organisations, NAB is preparing for the roll out of the New Payments Platform (NPP) this year, with a comprehensive strategy for using real time payments to deliver greater value to customers. read more

ADVERT: How Bank Retail Branches Must Evolve to Improve Customer Experience

With changes in technology, consumer behaviour and demand for a seamless customer experience, it is necessary for retail branches to evolve.By rethinking the retail branch to become more customer-centric and integrating today's digital technologies, organisations across all sectors with a retail presence can improve efficiency, customer relevance and profitability.With research recognising branch service as a top 3 driver of customer satisfaction in Australia, and many banks overseas already in the process of retail branch transformation, it is now Australia’s turn to  review and upgrade its branch strategy to cater for modern, digitally engaged consumers.The Future Branches Summit held 25-26 July 2017 in Sydney has been designed to solve the primary challenges faced by stakeholders involved in retail branch strategy, branch operations, and retail network distribution, including: read more

Find a job. Build a career. Stay in the know

Jobs at Banking Day. C'mon, dive in. Banking Day is the career builder read without fail by thousands of the industry's central decision makers. Today there's around 70 listings, top tier vacancies alongside the mundane but vital jobs that keep Australian banks open, solvent, profitable and stable. read more

ADVERT: The Future of Bank Retail Branches

It is time for retail branches to change. Faced with declining customer footfall and cash transactions, on top of market, regulatory, customer, cost and operational challenges, many banks are struggling to achieve even moderate growth.According to an Accenture report, the answer lies in 'doing the basics right' - starting with the retail branch - to improve efficiency, customer relevance and profitability across banking and financial services. read more

ADVERT: How are ANZ and Bupa transforming business processes to drive customer centricity?

Robotics, Automation, Digital, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence – these are the trends driving change across the Banking and Finance industry today.And while many organisations are already responding by transforming their operating and processes to become more agile, flexible and innovative, Customer-Centricity is the dominating objective of 2017. read more

ADVERT: Australia’s Leading Blockchain event – Blockchain Summit 2017

It is the decentralised, cryptography-based solution that challenges the profit pool of the middle man with a promise to make centralised institutions obsolete.Blockchain technology is set to be the biggest disruptor not only in the financial world, with Aite Group predicting a $400 million investment by banks in the blockchain technology within the next four years.View all the sessions, case studies and more from the 22+ speakers by downloading a copy of the event guide. read more

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