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ADVERT: Artificial Intelligence: How can the finance sector best utilise both Humans and Robots?

Artificial Intelligence has been around for several decades, with some early-adopting financial institutions investing in AI for years.Now, more and more Australian banks and institutions are catching up, thanks to advances in big data, open-source software, cloud computing, and faster processing speeds. Significant improvements in customer experience, process efficiency, service delivery, compliance and more have already been realised by early AI projects in the financial sector. read more

ADVERT: Australian Financial Services Hit with $10 Billion in Conduct Costs in 5 Years

There has been no shortage of well-publicised and highly damaging misconduct scandals within the financial services industry over the past decade, with all of Australia’s big four banks all under scrutiny at one point or another. Particularly, with the government’s latest crackdown on bank culture and a $6.2 billion levy tax imposed on the banking sector in the recent Federal Budget, Conduct Risk has now become a top priority in 2017, with 89% of banks reporting an increased focus on non-financial risks. read more

ADVERT: Using Virtual Assistants and ChatBots in Banking: Enhancing Customer Service and Experience

The opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in the financial services industry are endless, with the global and Australian market already recognising its ability and potential to personalise customer interactions, boost engagement, reduce risk, drive efficiencies, deliver real-time insights, and identify sales patterns from large volumes of data.Hashching is an emerging marketplace platform for prospective home buyers to access pre-negotiated home loan deals through mortgage brokers, and its disrupting and winning over the lending market.In this presentation from the AI for Enterprise Summit, Atul Narang, Founder/CIO, HashChing, shares his insight and strategies for leveraging AI and algorithms to drive customer experience and service, and ultimately boost the bottom line. read more

ADVERT: Conduct Risk and Culture: a Top Priority for Finance in 2017

With a recent spark of high profile scandals, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s latest comments on bank culture, and a $6.2 billion bank levy tax announced in the recent Federal Budget, conduct risk is fast becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the financial sector.  With this in mind, the 3rd Annual Conduct Risk, Culture & Regulation in Financial Services Summit held 26-27 September in Melbourne, will bring together executives from the financial sector to provide strategies for: read more

ADVERT: Artificial Intelligence - The Next Big Thing for Finance and Banking in 2017?

AI is set to explode and disrupt the financial services sector as banks and credit unions around the world scramble to adopt and use AI to drive profit, CX and growth. The benefits of AI in financial institutions are widespread, reaching all organisational departments and having the potential to revolutionise back office operations, customer experience, sales, service, product delivery, compliance and much more. read more

ADVERT: NAB’s Vision For Real Time Payments and a Seamless Payments Experience

In light of increased consumer demand for flexibility, convenience and digital capability, the quicker and more effectively organisations are able to create a seamless, customer-centric payments experience, the more they stand to gain in winning market share and ROI.Like many other financial institutions, retailers and payments organisations, NAB is preparing for the roll out of the New Payments Platform (NPP) this year, with a comprehensive strategy for using real time payments to deliver greater value to customers. read more

ADVERT: How Bank Retail Branches Must Evolve to Improve Customer Experience

With changes in technology, consumer behaviour and demand for a seamless customer experience, it is necessary for retail branches to evolve.By rethinking the retail branch to become more customer-centric and integrating today's digital technologies, organisations across all sectors with a retail presence can improve efficiency, customer relevance and profitability.With research recognising branch service as a top 3 driver of customer satisfaction in Australia, and many banks overseas already in the process of retail branch transformation, it is now Australia’s turn to  review and upgrade its branch strategy to cater for modern, digitally engaged consumers.The Future Branches Summit held 25-26 July 2017 in Sydney has been designed to solve the primary challenges faced by stakeholders involved in retail branch strategy, branch operations, and retail network distribution, including: read more

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