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NAB rolls over on ATMs, cards

The third bank to join the Standing Committee on Economics review of Australia's four major banks – for its third hearing – was National Australia Bank. Its executives were more forthcoming in front of the of pollies last Friday than in the previous two hearings. read more

Cybersecurity tops chief risk officers' list of worries

The chief risk officers and their teams within financial services firms are primarily concerned with cybersecurity and data-related risks at their firms, according to the eighth annual global bank risk management survey of chief risk officers run by EY and the Institute of International Finance. read more

ANZ to exit Philippines credit cards business

The sell-down by ANZ Group of its non-core, non-home market businesses continues apace with the announcement that ANZ has agreed to sell half of its 40 per cent stake in the Philippines based Metrobank Card Corporation. MCC has more than 1.5 million credit cards in force in the Philippines. read more

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