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Royal commission eroding customers’ bank advocacy

The latest series of results from Roy Morgan research shows that bank customers are now less likely to recommend their bank than they were prior to the banking royal commission. And the banks that appear to be bearing the brunt of the negative publicity of the Hayne royal commission appear to be – unsurprisingly – the four majors. read more

Reactive interior at CBA

Obstruction is, or was, the Commonwealth Bank MO and Matt Comyn is somehow reshaping the joint. How soon will a successor to John Laker's APRA panel report on a job badly or sufficiently done by Comyn and his crew?How far along, for instance, is CBA on its journey to mitigate this?"Frequent delays in compliance with regulatory requests pointed to a lack of capability in handling, or the de-prioritisation of, such requests,” only one of the catalogue of despair in Laker’s little read report. read more

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