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ADVERT: DevOps & ‘Developer Operations’

IT software engineering teams that have successfully implemented DevOps are able to meet their customers' ever-changing demands almost instantaneously, observing 50% higher market capitalisation and growth than their traditionally set-up rivals. Learn mor read more

ADVERT: How can Banks drive DevOps success? – Insights from Tabcorp

With cut-throat market competition over converging product & service propositions, financial services organisations must cater for customer experiences and needs with agility across software deployments, applications and services.David Lochrie, Head of Digital Delivery at Tabcorp, leads a team of 80 members to rapidly deploy scaled digital solutions using DevOps across 3,600 retail venues (the second largest network after AusPost) and digital channels across Australia and the UK, which bring in revenues upwards of AUD$6 billion. read more

ADVERT: Banks appoint Customer Advocates to drive CX

With poor customer service costing Australian businesses $40 billion p.a. according to The EY Customer Experience Series, and $720 for each negative customer experience, effective customer advocacy and complaints resolution is vital for organisations to remain competitive and profitable. read more

ADVERT: Insights into ANZ's seamless RPA integration strategy

Despite proven evidence of the benefits of robotic process automation – it is easily scalable, reduces operational costs by up to 90% and almost completely negates operational errors – most here in Australia remain hesitant to leverage this powerful tool due to organisational culture and change management concerns. Ahead of Robotic Process Automation Melbourne 2017, we chat to Rita Newman, Head of Strategic Performance at ANZ, who were early adopters of RPA technology and are now reaping the rewards of seamlessly integrated RPA processes.Read the full article here or request a copy. read more

ADVERT: AI & Machine Learning Summit

What will be the impact of artificial intelligence be on your business?In the lead up to the AI & Machine Learning Summit, we surveyed over 200 executives from across 10 industries in Australasia. Over 55% of these companies had 1000+ employees. read more

ADVERT: Driving Innovation in Banking: Greater Bank's Incubation Accelerator

Despite being a smaller player in the Australian banking sector, Greater Bank has successfully delivered innovations and technologies that rival their Big 4 competition.Their success in corporate innovation has been achieved through partnerships with Australian fintech start-ups and KPMG Australia, so that they can deliver better services for customers. read more

ADVERT: How CBA Leverages Culture For Successful Business Transformation

How the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Bank of New York Mellon Leveraged Culture for Successful Business Transformation.Without employees on board with change, business transformation can be tricky, and very costly. Many banks and financial institutions have launched continuous improvement, business improvement, process excellence or Lean Six Sigma programs with varying success. read more

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