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Restraint curbs business not investment lending

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and Suncorp Bank, are the only banks of note to have applied the brakes on mortgage lending over the months of April and May 2017, on the back of APRA's late March measures to curtail the supply in interest-only loans. It's on the business lending front that banks have pulled the leash. read more

Mutuals rattled amid S&P ratings clutter

Around a dozen mutual banks or credit unions, including one ASX listed bank, find their debt securities ineligible for use in repurchase operations with the Reserve Bank of Australia as of yesterday, thanks to an S&P Global Ratings downgrade that yanked the credit ratings of this group one notch lower.Quick punditry by sell-side analysts on the debt side settled on the smaller, and mostly mutual ADIs as the sub-set of Australian banks whose cost of funds in institutional markets may be most affected by the ratings jolt. read more

Unfit banks a year away from Apple Pay

It may take the best part of a year for the four banks that sought to boycott Apple Pay to change direction, make up with the US technology giant and bring the payment app to market.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on Friday denied the four banks authorisation to engage in a collective negotiation and an 18 month limited collective boycott with Apple over a payments option already supported by dozens of rival banks.In all likelihood, the ACCC concluded, credit card and debit card issuers, including the four banks, "will eventually offer Apple Pay to their cardholders in Australia on Apple's terms."For fintech and innovation enthusiasts, the ACCC analysis of this controversy casts a cloud over the effectiveness of the Australian industry's hubs, labs and product fluff, with the competition regulator showering praise on an array of nifty methods and models that may upset banks' payments models. read more

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