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More hot air from Westpac

One goal Westpac management aren’t achieving is that of reducing greenhouse emissions by five per cent in 2007. read more

Growth rate weakens for CUBS

Credit union and building societies increased residential lending a little below system at 12.9 per cent for the financial year to 2007, continuing market share losses for the predominately mortgage focused lenders. read more

CUBS bad debts at historic lows

The annual KPMG Building Societies and Credit Union Survey 2007 identified no signs of decline in credit quality for building societies and credit unions for financial year 2007, with both financial sectors out performing the major banks bad debt expense strongly. read more

Forty per cent a better benchmark of stress

The results of a survey of home loan borrowers has challenged the widely held view that the threshold for stressed borrowers is when more tan 30 per cent of gross family income is committed to housing costs. read more

Westpac September 2007 profit highlights

• Westpac reported net profit of $3.45 billion for the year to September, up 12.4 per cent on 2006. This was based on revenue of $10.2 billion, which was up 10.4 per cent. read more

St George Bank profit highlights

Net profit for the year to September was $1.163 billion, an increase of 11 per cent over 2006. After adjusting for hedge fund accounting, cash profit was $1.160 billion, an increase of 13.1 per cent over the previous year. read more

Customer satisfaction falters

Bank customer satisfaction levels have peaked. After reporting higher levels of satisfaction with their banks throughout 2006 and early this year, customers had a change of heart in the September 2007 quarter. read more

ANZ profit highlights

ANZ’s full year profit is a tale of two halves. On most indicators the second half is noticeably inferior to the first half. read more

Sell-side cut 2008 profit forecasts

The combination of ANZ's 2007 result coming in at the bottom end of expectations and the market being surprised by the bank's $1 billion capital raising (via the dividend re-investment plan underwriting), led to ANZ shares being sold off 3.7 per cent in yesterday's trading. read more

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