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Counter terrorism financing forces cooperate

Australia's contribution to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing – the Fintel Alliance – was given its official launch last Friday. Under its terms, Australia's financial intelligence agency Austrac, and 18 other partners including the Australian Federal Police, New South Wales Police, the Australian Tax Office, along with the Big Four banks, Macquarie Bank, Western Union and PayPal, and other key players in the "money trail" will share data and collaborate analysis. read more

Comment: Three priorities for any banking inquiry

"If there is to be a banking royal commission, may it shine the spotlight on three of Banking Day's favourite topics," we asked, taking an optimistic view, back in early April (see Labor's banking inquiry shemozzle).One of our top topics, we wrote, may be "a study bound to be disconcerting for all those that have hooked their reputations to the BS and bulldust story of Australian exceptionalism during the great recession." Banking Day has called before for a "DFAT-style 'select documents' release to foster understanding of the shaky history of Australian banking." read more

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