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Bank backs tax breaks for unhealthy housing market

Drastic measures are called for by one of Australia’s largest mutual banks, in research on housing affordability for those workers in this bank’s newest target market, in the healthcare and emergency services sectors.“A 50 per cent to 60 per cent decline in housing prices is needed before key workers can contemplate buying a home within reasonable reach” for this critical, at-call workforce. read more

Super bills stranded by election

The government got a fair number of financial services reform bills passed last week, going some way to implementing its agenda before the election is called. A couple with superannuation themes won’t be dealt with this parliament, with all bets now on a May 18 election.If there’s any action at all in Canberra this week it will be at the routine “Estimates” hearings of Senate’s Economics Legislation Committee. Though the first hearings with royal commission follow-up as a central theme is not until Friday, and writs for the election may be issued by then. read more

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