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Briefs: NAB plans DIY and cuts planners, Springvale arson prompts FSU moves, Resimac gets CEOs and more.

NAB encourages self-employment for planners, the FSU claims under-reporting of aggressive customer incidents, two new CEOs and more than one service outage at Westpac, and more. read more

Android NFC no match for Apple's, plead banks

In their ongoing wrangle with Apple, Australian banks insist that relying on the Android platform for a digital wallet is a hopeless option. They warn that, if forced down that path, local wallets would expire from the user disinterest that killed off the New Zealand scheme Semble, the Canadian scheme suretap, the CurrentC scheme set up by US retailers, and the Swiss scheme Paymit. read more

Banks clarify the scope of their Apple Pay application

A group of banks seeking the approval of the competition watchdog to negotiate collectively with mobile wallet providers have narrowed the scope of their application. Their application now relates only to Apple and they have taken security standards off the table. read more

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