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Low doc loans on the rise

The influence of "low doc" loans in the mortgage game is increasing. Preliminary pool data for Interstar Securities' latest mortgage backed bond shows that 28 per cent of loans are low doc in style, made to self employed borrowers. read more

Brokers line up TD Waterhouse

TD Waterhouse seems more likely to be sold, or shut, than survive by making profits in Australia. Toronto Dominion's chief on Friday said that TDW operations outside Canada had to make profits in 2003, or be sold or be shut. read more

Hudson shuffles clues TD Waterhouse value

A reshuffle in shareholdings within Hudson Group companies, including Hudson Securities, provides one measure of the value of a broker's client list. Hudson yesterday said that Dumas Corporate would buy 13 million shares, or a one third stake in Hudson, for 12.5 cents each, giving Hudson Securities a market capitalisation of $4.8 million. read more

Too few banks as foreigners withdraw

With Toronto Dominion scaling down its Australian banking operation and Abbey quitting the local market, it's arguably a better time for the banking cartel, and a worse time for entrepreneurs. This is especially the case in the project and structured end of the banking market. read more

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