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Cabcharge margins improve

The innovator in payments surcharging in Australia, taxi payments provider Cabcharge, squeezed higher margins out of its near monopoly (in the sense of collecting its commission) on card-based and voucher payments in taxis. read more

NAB in retreat at top end of town

National Australia Bank yesterday provided a picture of their conservative stance at the top end of the market over the last year or so, a period in which the bank reoriented its portfolio toward higher rated credits, lost its appetite for project and structured finance and dispensed with experienced staff. read more

Biggest bank ranks third and fourth

Though already known from research by East & Partners and Greenwich, Ian Scholes reminded investors that the bank ranks third in penetration of the corporate banking market, third in structured finance and fourth in transactional banking. read more

Rhetoric and reality

Ian Scholes wants the market, and staff, to regard National as "a magnet for talent, and "the place everyone wants to work." read more

ANZ targets advisers for deposits

ANZ will slice and dice its specialist business units for a fourth (or perhaps it's a fifth) time since deciding on this approach in 2000. This time the changes affect the segments that broadly fall under the heading of personal banking, a group of businesses overseen by Elmer Funke Kupper. read more

Reorganisation muddies ANZ analysis

At one stage early on in ANZ's experiment with specialist business units, the bank argued that greater transparency at the level of each business would aid in valuing the bank the idea being that the market would attach a higher price to earnings ratio to businesses that it liked (mortgages, say, or cards, or wealth management, depending on the fashion), add them together, and ANZ would then trade at a premium to its peers. read more

Woolworths rings up rewards

Woolworths will tempt Ezy Banking customers with more, but unspecified, rewards, in a bid to boost demand for Ezy Banking's deposit account and credit card. The products already offer a choice of rewards, though most customers simply opt to have a Woolies shopping voucher mailed each quarter. read more

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