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Mutuals free to issue shares

For mutually owned credit unions, the government's ruling means that more credit unions will now feel free to take advantage of previous changes in the law that allows them to issue shares. read more

Queensland Police plan share issue

Fred Wilson, general manager of Queensland Police Credit Union, said his organisation hoped to issue investment shares once the regulation is clarified. read more

ANZ growing in business banking

ANZ may be winning more than its share in the business banking market. Bob Edgar, head of global institutional and investment banking, said yesterday that there were some signs of domestic corporate borrowing increasing again. read more

Independents win a quarter of ATM market

The consultation paper from the ATM industry steering group on direct charging for ATM transactions estimates that independent deployers account for more than 25 per cent of the market. read more

Royal & Sun mortgage arm headed for run off

Royal & Sun Alliance Lenders Mortgage Insurance will stop writing new business and the business will be put into run off, following the failure of negotiations to sell the business to US insurance group, Radian. read more

Mortgage insurance duopoly emerges

Royal & Sun was the third provider in an already concentrated market for mortgage insurance in Australia. Now that market will be a duopoly, controlled by GE Mortgage Insurance Company and PMI Mortgage Insurance, the first owned by General Electric, the US conglomerate and the second by PMI, a specialised financial risks insurer in the US. read more

Lenders mortgage insurance market shares

This table wraps up the premium revenues for mortgage insurance providers in calendar year 2001 for GEMICO and PMI; and financial year 2002 for the bank-owned captives. read more

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