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Fly Buys doubles rewards

The crew that's put together the Coles Myer MasterCard (details of which will be made available in about two weeks) insist that market research establishes that reward programs are important drivers of credit card behaviour, and that the interest rate is not very significant. Maybe. read more

NBNZ makes hay as sale nears

National Bank of New Zealand is being sold at its most profitable level in years, while assertions that other banks are winning business off NBNZ seem hollow, the bank's latest quarterly general disclosure statement shows. read more

Diners Club NZ in the red

No doubt this detail was recorded in the last two general disclosure statements of National Bank of New Zealand, but this some six month old news is still worth reporting. read more

Arrears blight Adelaide Bank

Adelaide Bank is marketing its first mortgage backed bond for the year, through Series 2003-1 Torrens Trust, a $600 million bond pitched at the domestic market. read more

Adelaide chases brokers

And to turn to one more mortgage theme arising from Adelaide Bank ‘s profit last week, but not reported, managing director Barry Fitzpatrick said in an interview with the ASX's Corporate File team yesterday that the bank would soon "formalise" its push into the mortgage broker channel which is kind of odd, because a lot of mortgage brokers already originate home loans for Adelaide Bank. read more

Still no business case for chip cards

The business case for migration to the EMV standard for chip-based credit card payments in Australia remains weak, due to a low incidence of credit card fraud and high costs of conversion of terminals and credit cards. read more

Cards market open to challengers

The credit card sector is ripe for entry by "challengers", making better use of brands, better marketing and tapping into customer dissatisfaction with the current range of credit card offers. There's also plenty of room to induce Australian consumers to take out much more credit card debt, no matter how much some consumers and politicians grizzle about current debt levels. read more

Aussie close to selecting cards partner

Tony Davis, now with consultants Quantium, said that Aussie Home Loans was "in the relatively early phases" of determining its entry strategy to the Australian cards market. He said that Aussie's strengths were a brand well known in the mass market, a brand seen as a challenger, and said that "the John Symond bandwagon may well be rolled out in 2004." read more

Virgin looking for borrowers

Rohan Gamble, managing director of Virgin Money in Australia which has hired out its brand to Westpac as issuer of the Virgin Money MasterCard - said the opportunity was for "challenger brands to be seen to be operating as a consumer champion", and naturally enough went on to paint Virgin Money in this light. read more

Soft launch shines for Suncorp

Suncorp's soft launch of its "Clear" suite of credit cards earlier this year seems to be working for the Queensland-based bank. read more

Basel standard fits RBNZ philosphy

Tim Ng, Manager of Financial System Policy in the Financial Stability Department of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, amplified the central bank's approach to implementation of the Basel II capital accord in New Zealand in an interview. read more

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