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Catch up with the past week of Banking Day

We've produced hundreds of articles for you this week, relevant archived news served up with the latest news. And the top latest news in banking? Let's face it, you're reading a stack of that in Banking Day. Catch up with the week's news. Adjust to the new look Banking Day. read more

China's shadow banking industry in need of reform

Andrew Cornell, managing editor at BlueNotes reviews Shadow Banking in China: An Opportunity for Financial Reform, by Andrew Sheng and Ng Chow Soon from the Fung Global Institute. read more

McMillan Shakespeare's vehicle finance acquisitions make a contribution

Retail finance activities made a significant contribution to the earnings of the remuneration services and fleet leasing specialist McMillan Shakespeare, as the company started to enjoy a strong revenue flow from recent acquisitions in the finance market. Now the company says it is ready to expand its retail finance activities beyond vehicles. read more

Foreign News: Tech execs not a major banking risk

BBVA, one of the most technology savvy banks in Europe, is concerned that the bonus cap is preventing the group from hiring talented executives from the tech sector or on acquiring promising "fintech" start-ups, according to the Financial Times. This has led BBVA to write to ask the European Commission to water down the rule and exclude financial technology specialists as they do not pose a risk to the bank in the same way a "material risk-taker" might. read more

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