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Reform balls in APRA's, not Hockey's, court

Joe Hockey may be talking the language of giving the industry until March 2015 to respond to the final report of the Financial System Inquiry, but the intellectual weight of the work of David Murray's panel may bear on the industry sooner than that. read more

Murray explicit on significance of guarantees

Any lingering doubt that major banks in Australia exploit an "implicit guarantee" in funding their businesses was blown away by the clarity of the language used in the final report of the Financial System Inquiry yesterday. read more

Minimal economic costs from higher bank capital

The Financial System Inquiry estimated that a one percentage point increase in capital requirements for banks in Australia would increase the average interest rate on a loan by less than ten basis points. read more

Risk weights fiddle a win for small banks

Big banks and also Macquarie Bank will have to deal with higher risk weights on home loans in the future, assuming the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority throws it support behind a key recommendation. read more

Collaborative committee needed for IT disruptors

The effects of innovation, while disruptive, have the potential to deliver large-scale efficiency benefits, notwithstanding costs associated with adjustment for industry, the final report of the Financial System Inquiry observed. read more

Surcharge cap a mirage

The final Murray report may set up two new wrangles on tired old debates in the payment systems. read more

Comprehensive credit reporting to help SME’s

A more comprehensive credit reporting regime would reduce information imbalances between lenders and borrowers, facilitate competition between lenders and improve credit conditions of SME’s, said the final report of the Financial System Inquiry. read more

Non-bank challengers may crowd in the shadows

The final report of the Financial System Inquiry takes an idiosyncratic approach to considering the place of challenger businesses - on the one hand revving up the potential for crowd funding and on the other painting the non-bank sector as minimal. read more

Fraud and AML costs push the case for digital identity

Digital identity was nominated by the Financial Services Inquiry as one area where it was not only possible that technology could be harnessed effectively through public–private sector collaboration, it was important that this was done. read more

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