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Non-banks drawn to APRA macroprudential web

Pepper, Liberty, La Trobe, FirstMac, Resimac, AFG Home Loans, RedZed - the whole spread of non-banks –  are all APRA regulated now, at least when it comes to macroprudential policy and the use of more handbrakes on questionable residential lending.One vital, if final, detail in a long list of measures set out by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority on Friday is directed at making a gutsy and vibrant non-bank mortgage funding sector conform to restraints equivalent to those imposed on authorised deposit-taking institutions.ADIs funding "warehouses" (licks of wholesale lending to non-banks to sustain new business) must "ensure that the lenders' mortgage lending standards are consistent with industry-wide sound practices," APRA decreed on Friday. read more

Bubble worry brings APRA back to the fray

Weeks of guesswork ended on Friday, with APRA dictating a long list of new macroprudential policy measures.The professional worrywarts at the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority did not mess around in stating their rationale, citing "the resilience of lenders, as well as on the household sector more broadly."APRA's worries are decidedly too-faced, with its chief Wayne Byres writing of the imperative of assuring the credit flow for "the increasing supply of newly completed construction which must be absorbed in the year ahead." APRA's other aims all pull the other way, choking growth in credit supply by demanding ever more sober assessment by lenders. read more

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