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Catch up with the past week of Banking Day

We've produced hundreds of articles for you this week, relevant archived news served up with the latest news. And the top latest news in banking? Let's face it, you're reading a stack of that in Banking Day. Catch up with the week's news. Adjust to the new look Banking Day. read more

Ombudsman services caution against banking tribunal

The Financial Ombudsman Service and the Credit and Investment Ombudsman have cautioned policymakers against making any decision about setting up a banking tribunal while a Government appointed panel is considering the future of the financial system's external dispute resolution system. read more

China's shadow banking industry in need of reform

Andrew Cornell, managing editor at BlueNotes reviews Shadow Banking in China: An Opportunity for Financial Reform, by Andrew Sheng and Ng Chow Soon from the Fung Global Institute. read more

Turnbull takes a tribunal turn

The Australian government may be bending toward an idea promoted by stirrers on its own backbench who have pushed for a form of banking "tribunal" to consider customer grievances.The Financial Review on Saturday reported that prime minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday all but gave the green light to the establishment of a victims' tribunal.A separate group of agitators, Bank Reform Now, have drafted terms of reference for a royal commission, an angst-ridden document that touches on familiar themes of business practices, conduct and culture and less familiar themes such as the merit of a "a sovereign monetary system".Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten, meanwhile, continues to make a noise in this debate. Labor, relying on parliamentary library research, pointed out (via the Financial Review) that complaints to the ombudsman has jumped by more than 60 per cent, from 19,000 to 32,000. The biggest increase in complaints were about credit cards. read more

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