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ADVERT: Australia’s ONLY Fraud Prevention and Detection event for the financial industry

Fraud in payments and banking is running rampant in Australia. The Attorney-General’s Department estimates that identity crime costs Australia upwards of $1.6 billion each year, with the majority lost by individuals through credit card fraud and identity theft. Identity crime in turn enables organised crime, costing Australia $15 billion annually. With the introduction of new technologies and payments channels, this number is only going up. Australia’s First Fraud Prevention event for the financial sector, Payments Fraud and Identity summit, held on the 22 – 23 November in Sydney. Download the latest program here to see the complete speaker line-up. read more

Catch up with the past week of Banking Day

We've produced hundreds of articles for you this week, relevant archived news served up with the latest news. And the top latest news in banking? Let's face it, you're reading a stack of that in Banking Day. Catch up with the week's news. Adjust to the new look Banking Day. read more

China's shadow banking industry in need of reform

Andrew Cornell, managing editor at BlueNotes reviews Shadow Banking in China: An Opportunity for Financial Reform, by Andrew Sheng and Ng Chow Soon from the Fung Global Institute. read more

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