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ADVERT: 5 Banks use loan automation to maximise customer experience

In today’s competitive lending market, Australia’s banks are fighting to create the optimum customer experience in order to win market share. With margin pressure and increasing cost of capital, banks now face the added pressure of reducing costs on top of sky high customer expectations. Many banks have turned to loan automation as a cost-effective solution for improving customer experience as it can provide a customised service while keeping costs low.In an industry snapshot recently conducted for the 12th Annual Loan Origination Excellence conference, Heads of Lending from five of Australia's leading banking institutions share their loan automation strategies, all with the end customer in mind.5 WAYS TO BOOST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WITH LOAN AUTOMATION read more

ADVERT: Plan Now for 2017: Get your Contact Centre Report

Ahead of Contact Centre Week 2017, taking place 22-24 February on the Gold Coast, we caught up with five different contact centres across Australia to find out the core areas they are each focusing on to prepare and create the contact centre of the future.Read the report: Creating the contact centre of the future: What’s driving change in service delivery and how are Australian contact centres preparing? read more

Direct to Banking Day

Straight in Banking Day.No need for cut-backs to email. It's all there on the website, every morning.You can find all of today's news listed near the footer of the article you land on, if you are on a handheld.On a desktop, look for it listed on the right. read more

ADVERT: Australia’s ONLY Fraud Prevention and Detection event for the financial industry

Fraud in payments and banking is running rampant in Australia. The Attorney-General’s Department estimates that identity crime costs Australia upwards of $1.6 billion each year, with the majority lost by individuals through credit card fraud and identity theft. Identity crime in turn enables organised crime, costing Australia $15 billion annually. With the introduction of new technologies and payments channels, this number is only going up. Australia’s First Fraud Prevention event for the financial sector, Payments Fraud and Identity summit, held on the 22 – 23 November in Sydney. Download the latest program here to see the complete speaker line-up. read more

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