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Comment: Political footy season lines up bank CEOs

One of our cheekier commentaries in Banking Day this year conjectured the early, though not imminent, departure of an Australian big bank chief executive relative to any orthodox view on how much longer CEO so-and-so might remain at the helm of a major bank. The background analysis featured in an article in mid May "Commonwealth and ANZ queue CEO switch" summarised our take on the political economy of banking in Australia. We chanced a view on bank succession planning at two entities against the backdrop of the then lively public debate of a mooted royal commission, a debate around its zenith at the time (the opening phase of this year's election).The Turnbull government has diverted the political clamour from that period into a neutered process of public reviews of the industry, one phase of which starts (and maybe finishes) in Parliament House this week.All four major bank CEOs will explain, pitch and defend the reputations of their institutions before a ten member panel of the House of Representatives' Standing Committee on Economics.We kick off the first in a pair of commentaries that explores the context to these hearings - not that many observers will expect the panel to bamboozle their witnesses or do much to appease demands for a more vigorous process than the one now under way. Ian Narev from CBA appears on Tuesday, Shayne Elliot from ANZ on Wednesday and then on Thursday the final two: Andrew Thorburn from NAB and Brian Hartzer from Westpac. read more

Retail bank customers ready to try an alternative

Eighty-six per cent of Australian consumers consider a traditional bank with branches to be their primary financial services provider but more than 40 per cent would consider alternative providers for future needs, such as mobile payment services, credit cards and personal loans. read more

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