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Moody's see worsening arrears over 2017

Home loans arrears in Western Australia are "the highest since our records began in 2005," Moody's Investors Service said in a gloomy report on Australian residential mortgage-backed securities released yesterday.The proportion of residential mortgages more than 30 days in arrears increased to 1.62 per cent in May 2017, "the highest rate in five years", and up from 1.50 per cent in May 2016, Moody's said - adding that "we expect mortgage delinquencies to continue to increase through the remainder of 2017." read more

Discipline and desperation feed mortgage market

Determined, uni educated and fully employed younger savers with a vision of owning their home may be a fair credit risk in the modern era, analysis by some researchers at the Reserve Bank of Australia demonstrates. The RBA study shows that, from a more distant viewpoint, the recent crop of mortgage customers is much riskier than before the GFC. read more

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