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Samuel recoils at 'girls' club' around banks and business

The Financial Review has the story on an alleged “girls' club” obstructing the careers of younger women in finance this morning, and it’s a corker. Graeme Samuel, the former ACCC boss and himself a leading product of an equally unsatisfactory “men’s club”, is the iconic name throwing this commentary around.Samuel’s remarks at an AFR summit in Sydney yesterday denigrating networked, high level, experienced women (many of whom are making an imprint in the challenging and male dominated arena of banking, especially on bank boards) look sexist.Commonwealth Bank and Suncorp are the best examples to begin to analyse his claims, for which he advanced slender evidence.Half of CBA’s ten directors are women, an industry first (for big banks), a milestone achieved at the beginning of the year. At Suncorp, four out of nine directors are women and Christine McLoughlin, the new Suncorp chair, is an ardent advocate of affirmative action. read more

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