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COBA enters code dialogue with ASIC

The Customer Owned Banking Association has entered talks with ASIC as part of a bid to win regulatory approval for its voluntary code of practice.Dangerous shoals lie ahead as mutual ADIs and the whole of the Australian banking industry pushes ahead with the most important of the recommendations from the recent royal commission, at least those recommendations with political backing. read more

Defensive turn from Westpac

In their fifth appearance before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Westpac's CEO Brian Hartzer and his group CFO Peter King played it safe on a range of issues arising from the royal commission. Oddly, the bank says it is “not aware of any individuals that have been referred or are being looked at” for prosecution following the royal commission. read more

Carnell rebukes Bligh over Banking Code

The ABA has “not yet reached a view” on changing the definition of small business.The Hayne royal commission recommended that the definition of small business in the industry code of practice be amended to cover any business employing fewer than 100 full-time equivalent employees, where the loan applied for is less than A$5 million. read more

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