AD: Unpacking Artificial Intelligence with Apple, CBA, Telstra, DHS, and Allianz

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In the past, AI was simply a buzzword or something that we saw in movies, with limited practical uses. The reason why AI was so difficult to implement was the extremely high cost and insufficient processing speed required to feed the AI system with data.

All of that is now changing.

Hear how Apple, CBA, Telstra, DHS and Allianz are leveraging artificial technology to enhance customer experience, service delivery, and business revenue.

Ahead of the Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Summit, some of our keynote speakers, from Apple, CBA, DHS, Allianz APAC &Telstra, have worked with us to provide insights into their AI enterprise strategies and the ROI they’ve seen from early AI implementation.

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This article will touch on:

•    Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks to gain deeper insights into customer needs at Apple
•    Investing in AI and complex data science to enable capabilities which optimise customer experience at CBA
•    Improving service delivery, internal processes and employee experiences at the Department of Human Services
•    Experimenting with data stacks and machine learning for intelligent customer profiling, risk management and product development at Allianz APAC
•    Identifying opportunities for enterprise advancement through the maximization of artificial intelligence initiatives across Telstra

If you're keen to learn more from these organisations, join us this August 13-14th at Novotel Darling Harbour and hear from:

•    Bhairav Mehta, Data Science Manager, Apple (USA)
•    Dan Jermyn, Head of Data Science, Commonwealth Bank Australia
•    Mark Moloney, Machine Learning & AI Solutions Principal, Telstra
•    Sue Hamilton, Director of Technology and Innovation, Department of Human Services
•    Lawrence Wee, Chief Data Scientist, Allianz Asia Pacific (Singapore)
...And many more!

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