iSelect find life in Infochoice

Ian Rogers Comparison site

Infochoice or its know-how may endure in Australian finance.

iSelect, the unfortunate buyer of Infochoice eight years ago, has sold Infochoice or it has a buyer.

A rare ASX-listed comparison website, iSelect has found its sector tough going. Barriers to entry are not that high and iSelect’s competition are mostly newer.

And better.

Better at advertising, that’s for sure.

Banking Day is a heavy media consumer and on YouTube, Foxtel and FTA TV there’s an awful lot of ads – lots - from comparison websites just recently.

Finder, which ran a long, wide radio campaign last year is strutting its stuff on TV with another big budget.

The Choosi ad, all blue and cynical.

Recent commercials for the iSelect main brand, well, iSelect made a wise choice in selling Infochoice for whatever it could (not much, probably).

The buyer may be Compare the Market, a UK success story turning out, oddly, unable to make any great impression on the Australian market.

Or a fintech -  Zanee Magee maybe.

Or a mortgage broker – very easily a mortgage broker. Or a broking combine.

All aggregators and others hanging around the mortgage value chain need jazz in their service offering, one of these may be revitalising Infochoice from scrawny reject to grand dame.

iSelect's Infochoice attracted two million visitors per year back in 2014.

Stats from Similarweb show that ranked #205 for Australian websites, with 5.5 million monthly visits.

Compare the Market ranked #853 but with more engagement from its 620,000 monthly visits. ranked #11,753 with 125,000 monthly visits, while its owner sits at #1525.