Kellerman editing Banking Day

Banking Day staff Promotions

Bernard Kellerman is settling in as the new editor of Banking Day. Bernard is a former managing editor of AB&F and has been with Banking Day for almost four years.

He's supported by our recent hire, George Lekakis, a former reporter on banking for the Financial Review.

Regrettably, for health reasons, this phase of a 28 year career in business journalism for our publisher Ian Rogers has reached its close.

Ian continues as (sole) director of the enterprise that publishes Banking Day and will oversee commercial matters, including service for subscribers and advertisers. Ian's contribution on the editorial side will be restricted to liaising with the editors and contributors.

If medical matters unfold favourably, Ian may return.

The updated Contacts page at the Banking Day website will direct readers to any of our journalists.

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  • RICHARD NOTT from aims

    Best wishes Ian in your lifestyle change and hopefully you will be back with your usual inquiring mind. Thanks for keeping me in the loop despite being almost retired. Thanks for all you have done to keep people well informed. May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

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