ADVERT: Banks appoint Customer Advocates to drive CX

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With poor customer service costing Australian businesses $40 billion p.a. according to The EY Customer Experience Series, and $720 for each negative customer experience, effective customer advocacy and complaints resolution is vital for organisations to remain competitive and profitable.

Many organisations are now appointing Customer Advocates to keep CX front of mind and align business objectives with customer interests, particularly in the banking sector where ASIC has increased funding by $127 million into investigations of banking misconduct.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Citibank both already have Customer Advocate representatives to oversee their customer advocacy strategies.

With this in mind, the Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit 2017 will explore strategies and case studies for improving customer outcomes with effective prevention, remediation, and customer advocacy, including:

•    Customer engagement driving a customer-centric approach
•    Embedding cultural values that will aid and develop the complaints resolution process
•    Continuous process improvement and how to best develop a method.
View the final agenda now to see the full expert speaker panel, all 10+ case studies, sessions and more.

Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution 2017.

Over 15 Expert Speakers including...

•    Gabriella Dracopoulos, Vice President of Customer Advocacy, Citibank
•    Brendan French, Group Customer Advocate and Executive General Manager Customer Advocacy and Remediation, Commonwealth Bank Australia
•    Anthony Saunders, National Customer Experience Manager, AMP Capital Shopping Centres
•    Jean Sennett, Customer & Partner Experience Lead for Enterprise, Microsoft
•    Sally Armstrong, Head of Customer Direction and Experience, Sydney Water
•    Craig Lauchlan, GM Customer Experience Transformation, AGL
•    ...and much more.

Over 10 Practical Case Studies including...

•    Vodafone: How they improved their NPS score from -40 to +20 continue to put the customer first and have achieved a 65% reduction in complaints
•    City of Melville: How they've achieved national recognition from the CSIA
for their outstanding quality of customer service
•    Telstra: How they successfully launched
their recent enterprise-wide customer
complaints resolution program
•    Citibank: How they have successfully implemented the role of the customer advocate for greater customer-centricity
•    ...and much more

View the agenda now to see the full speaker lineup and case studies.

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