ADVERT: AI & Machine Learning Summit

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What will be the impact of artificial intelligence be on your business?

In the lead up to the AI & Machine Learning Summit, we surveyed over 200 executives from across 10 industries in Australasia. Over 55% of these companies had 1000+ employees.
The survey reinforced what we already know – that AI & ML is having a significant impact on all businesses.

74% of these companies were already using AI with over 30% stating they were intermediate to advanced in terms of maturity.
88% were using AI for predictive analytics, 77% to automate manual tasks and 67% to identify previously missed opportunities.
Over 95% of respondents indicated that they felt AI would have a major bearing on their organisations future competitiveness.
94% believed that AI would make their role more effective and interesting.
66% agreed or strongly agreed that AI would free up time for them to focus on strategy and innovation.
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