AD: Harness the opportunities of Open Banking

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1 July 2019 marked the first step in the beginning of Australia’s transition from a Closed to an Open Banking system. Over the next year, huge changes will continue to be made to increase competition and ensure significant market opportunities are available for those who are able to maximise on the promise of Open Banking.

Taking you beyond compliance to unpack how you can harness the opportunities Open Banking presents, the 2nd Open Banking Summit running on the 22nd - 24th October 2019 in Sydney will provide you with what you need to create cutting-edge customer experiences and be ready for February 2020.

Conference highlights 
•    International keynote presentation, to see how different institutions are tackling Open Banking across the globe
•    4 thought-provoking panel discussions to unpack the key Open Banking challenges
•    Dedicated networking time and interactive sessions to learn how others in the field are implementing the changes
•    An interactive World Café to address education, to ensure maximum uptake by consumers

•    Keynote sessions from some of the most innovative organisations in the Financial Services sector
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