AD: What Can Effective Data Governance do for Your Organisation?

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What Can Effective Data Governance do for Your Organisation?
How it can improve quality, accountability and visibility of your data assets
In a time where data governance is of the utmost importance, organisations are still struggling to fully harness the true meaning, need, and benefits of this practice.
This article shares insights into data governance’s true definition and value, with proven examples of governance in action – driving quality improvement, accountability, and visibility of data assets.
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Inside you'll explore:
•    What data governance means and what factors determine good governance 
•    6 reasons why data governance and risk management is cruicial to the future of effective business operations
•    Insights from ANZ, Bupa and Sigma on how they developed detailed frameworks to drive agile, governance-enabled innovation
Learn more at Data Governance and Management!
Held on the 19 – 20 September in Sydney, the Data Governance and Management 2019 event will bring together 15+ cross-industry speakers to discuss strategies on Improving  the Quality, Accountability and Visibility of Data Assets through Effective Controls, Stakeholder Engagement and Cultural Transformation.
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Gain insights from our experts including:
•    Michelle Pinheiro,
Head of Enterprise Data Governance, ANZ
•    Mario Ribeiro
, General Manager Data & Advanced Analytics, Blackwoods
•    Darshil Mehta,
Head of Data Strategy, Bupa
•    Shaheen Saud
, Head of Data and Analytics, MinterEllison
•    Arul Arogyanathan
, Head of Technology & Data, Sigma Group
•    Mike Congdon
, Head of Enterprise Information Management, New Zealand Post Group
•    Tom Briley
, Data Governance Manager, Veolia
•    Vaneet Gupta
, Head of Data Strategy and Governance, Rest
...and many more!