AD: New report: Increasing Humanity with Chatbots

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It’s often said that chatbots are most useful for handling rote, repetitive tasks like account inquiries and billing status updates. However, as technology grows increasingly sophisticated, there's an increase number of use cases where chatbots can be used to provide a whole new level of customer experience and employee experience.

In this Special Report, you’ll discover:
•    5 types of big-picture business goals you can achieve using chatbots
•    Real-world examples where top brands have used chatbots to improve CX
•    What “successfully” using a chatbot looks like
Meet and network with chatbot experts from AXA Hong Kong, IAG, Australian Super, Credit Union Australia, Digital Transformation Agency, TAL, ANZ, NBN and more!
View the full program and don’t miss this opportunity to attend the 2nd Chatbots Summit 2019 to learn about strategies to help your organisation develop a foundation for bots to improve CX and reduce costs, as well as scale the benefits of bots to maximise ROI.