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C-suite decision makers and middle managers feature among the engaged and enthusiastic readers of Banking Day.

"Banking Day impacts business decisions of banks," market research firm CoreData concluded following a reader survey in late 2016.

More than half (53 per cent) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they make business decisions about their bank or a bank they work with in part by what they read in Banking Day.

Our readers feature a cohort of affluent, well-paid finance executives.

"Banking Day is a must-read" CoreData reported to the publisher.

"Informed" and "independent" are the words respondents most associate with Banking Day (66 per cent and 60 per cent respectively).

Asked in the survey which of a list of daily business publications they always or often read early in their typical working day, 83 per cent of respondents picked Banking Day.

The proportion of readers placing equivalent reliance on Fairfax Media's Financial Review was 63 per cent.

Only 15 per cent of those participating in this survey also always or often read A&F (Asia-Pacific Banking & Finance), the alternative trade title on banking serving this market.

More than two in five (43 per cent) said they rely on Banking Day the most each typical working day.

Once more the Financial Review lagged in comparison as a business tool, with less than half this proportion (20.9 per cent) relying on this Australian national newspaper.

Banking Day's readers check their smart phone early for their daily dose.

Asked what time they check our news service, respondents overwhelmingly (97 per cent) said they always or often read Banking Day early in their typical working day, many before they leave for work.

Then 77 per cent of readers said they repeat this habit "every work day" while 21 per cent check the title "a few times each week."

CoreData found that Banking Day "is a highly valued news source, with the vast majority of respondents finding Banking Day 'useful' (83.8 per cent) and 'important' (77.9 per cent) as an industry news source."

Close to three in five respondents (57.1 per cent) agreed or strongly agreed that Banking Day is their "favourite industry news source by a mile."

Most respondents, 81 per cent declared that Banking Day "knows what it is they are writing about."

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