Loan fraud tale involves Macquarie

ABC's current affairs program 7.30 reported yesterday that a business development manager with Macquarie Bank, in 2007, coached a financial adviser on how to falsify an application for a A$1 million home loan.

One of the couple was in her late 60s at the time the pair sought the loan, and the other told 7.30 his income was $17 an hour. The property mortgaged to the bank had a value of $2 million.

The program interviewed Michael Wren, formerly an adviser with a Gold Coast firm.

Wren said the Macquarie business development manager said that "I should tell them that they're holding $100,000 in antique furniture and that there was extra income that I had neglected to inform them of."

Macquarie told 7.30 it had carried out a detailed investigation of Michael Wren's complaints and they were contradicted by the evidence.