AD: Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit

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Customer experience is fast becoming the key point of differentiation and primary competitive strategy for most organisations in Australia, particularly in the financial services sector.
Organisations globally are now appointing Customer Advocates to keep CX front of mind and align business objectives with customer interests, in a bid to win increasingly demanding and digitally integrated customers and capture market share.
Commonwealth Bank and Citibank have already appointed Customer Advocate representatives to oversee their customer advocacy strategies.
Gabrielle Dracopoulos, former Vice President of Customer Advocacy at Citibank, and Ryan Kassel, Head of Advocacy and Operations, Commonwealth Bank Australia are both spearheading customer advocacy and keeping cross-functional departments accountable to CX at their respective organisations.
Both Gabrielle and Ryan will be presenting at the upcoming Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit, sharing practical insight into their roles, their impact on CX across the bank, and exploring the challenges, successes and results of the advocacy projects they have undertaken.
As former Vice President of Customer Advocacy at Citibank, Gabrielle’s role was being an advocate for the customer and the employee, cultivating effortless and trustworthy experiences. Gabrielle is charged with driving an organisational shift towards customer centricity, activating advocates, and providing an independent internal avenue for review.
At the Summit, Gabrielle will be presenting a session on “Building Empathy Into Your Claims Management Process to Drive Advocacy”, exploring:
•    The role of the Customer Advocate in benefiting your business and improving customer satisfaction
•    How Advocates help align goals and objectives with customer interest
•    How to develop an independent internal review process
•    a case study on how Citibank have successfully implemented the role of the customer advocate striving to become more customer-centric.
Read the agenda to learn more about Gabrielle’s session, the speaker-lineup, sessions, case studies and more.
Meanwhile, as Head of Advocacy and Operations at CBA, Ryan heads the bank’s Customer Advocacy team, which is divided into four functions; Advocacy, Prevention, Insights, and Remediation.
•    How the Customer Advocacy team engages with customers, complaints and community to improve customer outcomes
•    How to build an effective customer advocacy team
•    Considerations to be made when engaging with a very large customer base
•    The importance of engaging with customers on multiple levels to achieve the best outcomes.
Read the agenda to learn more about Ryan’s session, the speaker-lineup, sessions, case studies and more.
The Customer Advocacy and Complaints Resolution Summit 2018 will explore strategies and case studies for improving customer outcomes with effective prevention, remediation, and customer advocacy, including:
•    Customer engagement driving a customer-centric approach
•    Embedding cultural values that will aid and develop the complaints resolution process
•    Continuous process improvement and how to best develop a method.
View the full agenda now to see the full expert speaker panel, all 15+ case studies, sessions and more.