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Users read Banking Day's daily email on their laptops, iPhones and PCs. They read it at the breakfast table, on the train, or when they enter the office. Noted industry commentator Christopher Joye calls it "the bible of the banking industry".

And the Banking Day website, a subscriber-access archive of 20,000 Banking Day articles, attracts more than 5,000 unique visitors each month.

Our readers run the industry

These are the people who are busy making Australian banking and finance happen.

They pay up to $1000 a year to read Banking Day's comprehensive daily summary of events in their volatile industry and view our seven year news archive.

When we ask them why they pay for Banking Day, they usually tell us they have no time to read through traditional newspapers or magazines or even surf the Web. They spend their days working on their businesses. They want a single early-morning briefing they can trust. They read it every day.

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To add high-level reach and frequency to your banking and finance advertising, you can add Banking Day to your media mix.

Banking Day ads buy you a spot in front of industry decision-makers as they start their day, every day. Contrast that with a website ad which might be visited once a week, or once a month.

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