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Richer mortgage data a stress for select ADIs

"Uuhmmm, we're not too sure that we, or some other banks we know well, will be able to easily find the most reliable data on that", a handful of banks have more or less told the banking regulator, when advised they and the sector must prepare to report in a more detailed fashion on mortgage lending metrics. read more

Briefs: AFG punts for status quo, IMB Tier 2 bonds

AFG has asked regulators to keep a watchful eye on the big banks to ensure they do not use the government's recently announced major bank levy and the findings from their own ABA remuneration review as justification for changes that reduce the financial viability of providing broking services. read more

Arch devours LMI fruit and Genworth entrails

Arch Capital Group is the rising titan of the Australian capital market, and jostling for claims as risk decision-maker-in-chief in a hyperventilating mortgage market. Westpac and Macquarie Bank are on board and NAB may join them, with a tender underway. A US upstart of recent vintage, Arch has, in less than two years, rounded up one quarter of an insurance niche once controlled indisputably by Genworth and QBE LMI. Genworth, troubled most by Arch, is reacting to, and coping with, the demolition of its business model by the usurper. Such is Arch's impact, global reinsurers aiming for a place on Macquarie's panel found themselves shut out. read more

Property developer loans 'poor' in APRA eyes

The quality, or lack of it, of the banking sector's loans to property developers is a further theme agitating Australia's prudential regulator, with "guidance" promised later this year.?A late 2016 review of commercial property lending "found clear evidence of an erosion of standards due to competitive pressures," Wayne Byres, chair of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, told a property conference in Sydney on Friday. read more

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