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Banks get three years to reset sales incentives

Australia's banking sector needs "a sharp break with the past", wrote Stephen Sedgwick in his review of the industry's pay practices. But sharp does not mean short, with Sedgwick suggesting a three-year time frame for reform and a follow-up review in 2020. read more

Sedgwick red lights broker commissions

A ban on accelerator reward payments and a shift to a fee-for-service payment model, funded by the banks, are highlights of Stephen Sedgwick's year-long review of retail banking remuneration. A long preview today in the AFR's Chanticleer column has Sedgwick's final recommendations. read more

Developer credit strife agitates regulators

Compromised credit conditions facing property developers and their customers (often investors) form one nexus of the Reserve Bank of Australia's half-yearly Financial Stability Review, one that extends the bothered messaging of financial regulators over recent weeks.While the FSR (released on Thursday) reports the rate of growth in credit from banks to property developers has waned, it sheds additional light on the backdrop to the macroprudential measures announced by APRA at the end of March. read more

Household insolvency adds to banking risks

Risks to financial stability "are primarily macroeconomic in nature, rather than direct risks to the stability of financial institutions", the Reserve Bank of Australia declares in its Financial Stability Review, released on Thursday.The April 2017 edition of this half-yearly report shares public domain versions of analysis no doubt considered this year among the Council of Financial Regulators, culminating in APRA's outline of additional macroprudential measures at the end of March.Around one-third of borrowers have either no accrued buffer or a buffer of less than one month's repayments, the RBA said. read more

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