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Merchant finance yield in decline for Latitude

Latitude Finance Australia is breaking new ground in the debt capital market, as the first financier to put a master trust structure to work in an asset-backed transaction. But the yield on the store finance and credit card business of Latitude, formerly GE Capital Finance, is on the wane, according to pre-sale reports from two credit ratings agencies. read more

Inconsistent banks pinned in Apple Pay wrestle

Go jump, Apple has told four banks over their suggested approach to negotiations backed by the threat of a collective boycott of Apple Pay. If only they could jump, an insolent Apple suggests, citing the industry's "ambulatory conduct". The entire legal process by the banks, Apple contends, is bogus and the banks legal analysis misdirected. Moreover, the Australian banks' campaign for a redesign that, Apple says, would result in "a less secure and worse customer experience" is inconceivable to the IT giant. read more

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