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Foreign news: Five banks in US$110m FX rigging settlement, BNP standardises payments protocol, EC mulls bank capital rule changes

New York federal Judge Lorna Schofield has given preliminary approval to proposed settlements totalling US$111.2 million between five more banks and investors in a wide-ranging suit accusing 16 of the world's largest banks of rigging foreign exchange rates, in violation of US antitrust law. read more

CommBank IFRS cash mash a profit conundrum

Companies such as the Commonwealth Bank continue to run the risk of confusing the mass of its 800,000 investors when they highlight differing numbers as ways of determining profit and reporting corporate performance.The release of the bank's annual report on Monday allows a closer view of the cash profit and its merits. read more

CBA up for fragmented confessional

Now that the anti-money laundering debacle appears to have claimed the scalp of the Commonwealth Bank's top executive, investors will be seeking a detailed explanation for the bank's decision not to disclose the alleged breaches during the 2016 financial year. read more

And it's away with Elliott's ANZ

The ANZ brand is getting a makeover, soon, with both a values and a credibility spin embedded somehow.?ANZ's strategy will be refined to be "simpler" and business as usual reset in line with the Agile fashion: "less hierarchical … built around small collaborative teams," as CEO, Shayne Elliott purred in an eight-page letter to staff.Okey dokey. read more

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