Briefs: Bendigo's margins rebound, Clydesdale's losses reviewed and Citi's dual-brand card

  • The net interest margin of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has rebounded over the last quarter. Richard Fennell, chief financial officer, told an investor conference on Friday that the margin increased over each month of the March 2012 quarter. A chart published through the ASX shows the monthly margin in March is now in excess of the year-to-date margin of around 2.1 per cent.
  • The risk management practices of NAB's Clydesdale Bank subsidiary in the UK are the subject of a feature in Scottish newspaper The Sunday Herald. Citing former heads of a handful of the bank's business banking centres, the newspaper questions NAB's approach to lending decisions and risk management. Clydesdale has already ceased property lending in the UK and most property loans will be transferred to the NAB balance sheet.
  • Citi will issue a combined charge card and credit card that operates under both the Diners Club and MasterCard brands, the Financial Review reported. Citi owns the Diners Club franchise in Australia.
  • David Lynch will take over as executive director of the Australian Financial Markets Association from July. Lynch is the long-serving policy officer of the association. He will replace Duncan Fairweather who will leave after 11 years in the job.