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House prices likely to be hit by Hayne fallout

The risk of a further tightening in lending standards "has more of an implication for house prices, than it does for the outlook for consumption," Guy Debelle, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia told a business conference in Sydney yesterday. read more

Debit cards drive for payments milestone

Eleven banks, including big names, have reported zero growth in credit card balances over the last three or last twelve months.  "The ongoing growth in share of household debt attributed to banks has come to a halt," industry veteran Michael Ebstein divined from the latest RBA data on payments cards. read more

The crunch hitting hard

It's going to be massive, the pain in banking. The credit crunch is breaking for crisis.Housing prices are turning toward freefall, with discounting the only real option for vendors in a market now at the mercy of bargain hunters. read more