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ACCC redefines penalties
31 October 2014 6:51am
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s annual report for 2013–14 was released yesterday. It shows the agency was involved in 53 proceedings relating to consumer protection enforcement and increased competition enforcement, securing over A$12 million in penalties and other remedies during the year. » read more »
Briefs: No lo-docs for FirstMac, home ownership out of reach, CBA and Newcastle Permanent pitch fixed interest deals
31 October 2014 6:51am
Correction: Yesterday we quoted a Moody's report that incorrectly included FirstMac among a group of non-bank mortgage originators that have securitised low-doc residential mortgages after new rules came into operation in 2010.
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31 October 2014 6:49am
Commercial Property Finance Specialist - Melbourne
Spearhead the company's expansion into the Victorian Market and also work with an existing network of referrers. » read more »
Trans Tasman talks on bank guarantees
30 October 2014 7:07am
New Zealand is working with Australia through the Trans-Tasman Council on Banking Supervision to resolve the issue of banks operating under two different deposit guarantee regimes.

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Comment: Major bank profit preview
30 October 2014 7:07am
The annual bank profit show rolls into town today, with National Australia Bank, unusually, taking the stage first for a performance unlikely to satisfy the crowd.

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ASIC annual report shows Budget cuts starting to bite
30 October 2014 7:03am
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has tabled its annual report for the year ended 30 June 2014. While the agency has put on a brave front in terms of showing what it has been doing, and setting out its objectives, there is no avoiding the stark fact that the budget for "Australia's frontline and integrated financial services and markets regulator" has been reduced by around A$120 million over four years. » read more »
Margin widens on non-conforming RMBS
30 October 2014 7:01am
Bluestone Group will pay a margin of 120 basis points on the A1 notes of its latest issue of non-conforming residential mortgage-backed securities, which is wider than margins paid on other recent non-conforming issues.

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NAB maintains top spot in custody rankings
30 October 2014 7:00am
Total assets under custody for Australian investors grew by 6.3 per cent to A$2.46 trillion in the six months to June, according to the Australian Custodial Services Association.

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Mortgages hang over more retirees
30 October 2014 6:59am
The number of people expecting to retire with money still owing on a mortgage has increased by almost ten per cent over the past couple of years. » read more »
Moody's cautions on interest only loans
30 October 2014 6:58am
The size discrepancy between the average interest only loan and the average principal and interest loan is a key risk factor for investors in mortgage backed bonds to consider, Moody's Investors Service said yesterday. » read more »
APRA's low-doc mortgage rules favour non-bank RMBS issuers
30 October 2014 6:58am
In its "Structured Thinking" client bulletin for 29 October, Moody's Investors Service assessed the impact of last month's review of 'low-doc' mortgages by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. 
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