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Optus credit insurance policy held invalid for a second time
28 January 2015 6:52am
Trade receivables insurer Atradius has won an appeal in a wrangle with Optus over a credit insurance policy from 2007 that covered money owed to the telco by its customer Bill Express. » read more »
ANZ facing pay blues
28 January 2015 6:51am
Friction is building between ANZ and the Finance Sector Union following a bank offer to some employees for an extra 0.75 percentage point pay rise if they forego select conditions. » read more »
Under geared and underwhelmed by borrowing opportunities
28 January 2015 6:45am
According to two recent surveys, business demand for credit may be worse than lacklustre, representing a significant restraint on growth for banks in Australia. » read more »
Once a PEP always a PEP
28 January 2015 6:45am
Politically exposed persons, who are treated as high-risk customers under anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing law, may continue to pose a high risk even after they cease holding a public position. » read more »
Satisfaction is all very well but banks want advocates
28 January 2015 6:42am
With customer satisfaction levels near all-time highs banks are turning their attention to more challenging measures, such as net promoter scores and the number of customers likely to recommend a bank.

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Briefs: Houlihan Lokey opens in Australia, A$92 million of infrastructure to go on the block, forex turnover declines
28 January 2015 6:41am
US investment bank Houlihan Lokey has entered the Australian market, with operations focused initially on corporate finance and restructuring work » read more »
ANZ gazumps NAB with tier one issue
27 January 2015 6:42am
National Australia Bank has just learned to its chagrin not to flag its moves to the market too far ahead. » read more »
Comment: A bank capital explosion
27 January 2015 6:41am
The fast work by ANZ to jostle to the front of the bank capital sales queue is a symptom of an overpowering drive in the industry at present. » read more »
OAIC spells out problem areas in protecting personal information
27 January 2015 6:40am
Credit providers and other organisations handling personal information typically strike trouble meeting their obligations to protect that information when they "over-collect", when they fail to control access to information and when they fail to develop clear policies for oversight and accountability.

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Basel Committee's attention turns to better interaction of regulatory settings
27 January 2015 6:39am
With the major elements of the post-financial crisis reform agenda largely settled, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision will turn its attention this year to an assessment of the interaction, coherence and overall calibration of its reform policies. » read more »
First Data's Tait moves to Indue
27 January 2015 6:37am
Payments company Indue Limited has hired John Tait, the managing director of First Data in Australia for the last four years. » read more »
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